Vintage Baseball Game

June 2 | During Pizza

A vintage baseball game in the field with the Filmore Fungi

Samuel Hawkins Jr. Poetry

June 9 | 7:30pm

An evening of poetry with Samuel Hawkins Jr. 

Samuel takes us on a journey through the darkness to destinations our conscience forgets to look more often than we would like to admit. With his poetry he forces you to see homelessness, sexual abuse, relationships, art, testimonies, love,  war, poverty, the light within us, our potential, history, and God.  Mr. Hawkins entertains and captivates audiences with his presentations but at the same time educates and refreshes perspectives. Discover his work on his website: here 

Solstice Barn Dance

June 23 | 7:00-9:00pm

Dance! in the Barn: Old Time Barn Dance For All with Bob Bovee & Co.

A family-friendly barn dance with Bob Bovee. Suggested admission: $8 per person or $20 per family of 3 or more. 

DJ Helmüt Umläut

June 30 | 5:00-8:00pm


Helmüt Umläut was born in GörenKäse to a family of cheesemongers, goat herders and sausage makers, but after learning that goats share 80% of their DNA with humans and that the Milky Way galaxy may contain 300 million habitable planets, Helmüt had a cosmic and intestinal epiphany.  His family converted to veganism and fled with their flock to found the Ziegen-Sterne Anarcho-Syndicalist Commune for Spatial-Sonic Exploration & Animal Husbandry in an abandoned planetarium.  Helmüt overcame his intolerance of lactose through his special relationship with a goat named Ziege as they wandered the pastures and precipices around the compound.  Milking Ziege, tuning the glockenspiel and polishing the telescope lenses nurtured Helmüt’s love of barnyard animals, harmonics and space exploration. 

To study the implications of quantum wave-particle duality on goatherding, Helmüt departed for the Stuttgart Cosmonaut Training Program, but quickly left over cosmological differences, and for failing the swimming test. 

Helmüt spent the next several years in study at the Johannes-Kepler-Gymnasium followed by a lucrative career as a freelance interpretive dancer and choreographer.  But after a disfiguring flogging during an agro-industrial interpretive dance performance, Helmüt developed an abiding hatred for all poultry.  While convalescing, sure-footed Ziege tumbled into a crevasse and was lost.  Helmüt was devastated.  He turned to music and the ocean for solace, as a composer and an assistant sonar operator.

Helmüt spent nearly two decades exploring the ocean's depths, gestating a transformative vision for interstellar, tectonic and interspecies illumination and liberation.  Helmüt emerged reenergized, only to submerge himself again in a top secret geothermal bunker built deep below the exact juncture of the Sveitarfélagið Hornafjörður glacial meridian to contemplate, and ultimately resolve, the Icelandic mantle plume - cold crust conundrum that has perplexed geologists and seismologists for decades.

In 2020 Helmüt founded Umläut Fabrication to integrate the disciplines of seismology, theoretical drill press operation, choreography, photography, analytics, plate tectonics, cosmology, sonic fabrication and interpretive dance.  Helmüt now transverses space and time conjuring soundscapes and conceptualizing a tube following the Icelandic through the intracontinental crust connecting Vatnajökull, Hofsjökull and Snæfellsjökull.  He emerges occasionally for DJ gigs in the Minne-Sconsin region of North America.


July 7 | 6:30pm

Live Music During Pizza

The RavensFire Band is well known around the area for their energetic performances, beautiful vocal harmonies, and skilled instrumentals while playing and singing their unique collection of traditional Irish, folk, Scottish, Americana, and original music, performed on the Mandolin, Guitar, and bodhrán, accompanying beautiful vocal harmonies. They are talented, funny and friendly musicians who show that they genuinely love to perform.

Flourish Summer Camp

July 30 - August 6 | No pizza August 4

Flourish is a playground for the mingling of arts and agriculture. It is an intensive program that encourages individual expression by nurturing the creative process from its seed of origin, an impulse or idea. 

Flourish is a summer camp for youth ages 11-15. For more information about Flourish and the current calendar, call 507-316-3795 or email

Onion Fest

August 18 | 5-8pm

A Multi-layered festival

Join us for for onion inspired food & games as well as a pick up truck opera with Mixed Precipitation 

Pick Up Truck Opera

August 18 | 7pm

Inspired by Romeo and Juliet

Mixed Precipitation celebrates 15 years of outdoor summer fun, performing one of the mostbeloved and famous tragedies in the theatre tradition, Romeo and Juliet, adapted from Vincenzo Bellini's 1830 opera, I Capuleti e i Montecchi (The Capulets and the Montagues).

Juliet and Romeo are online strivers in a time of global strife. She's lifting up others through her social media career - teaching survival skills, sharing recipes, and DIY crafts. Romeo is documenting his van-life travels, inspiring millions to live life to the fullest, even in the darkest times. These two social media sensations are tired of depending on clicks and likes to survive. So they're teaming up for a cross-country elopement and honeymoon. But larger forces plan to disrupt their destiny.