Vintage Baseball Game

May 31 | During Pizza

A vintage baseball game in the field with the Filmore Fungi

Vintage Baseball Game

June 7 | During Pizza

A vintage baseball game in the field with the Filmore Fungi

Solstice Barn Dance

June 21 | 7:30-9:00pm

Dance! in the Barn: Old Time Barn Dance For All with Bob Bovee & Co.

A family-friendly barn dance with Bob Bovee. Suggested admission: $8 per person or $20 per family of 3 or more.

Julie Young--caller

Eldon "Smack" Walser--fiddle.

Poetry with Catherine Young

June 21  | 6pm

a disabled writer and performing artist whose work is infused with a keen sense of place. She is author of the eco-poetry collection Geosmin (Midwest Book Awards Silver Medal winner) and the environmental memoir Black Diamonds: A Childhood Colored by Coal. Her work appears internationally and nationally in literary journals and anthologies including The Driftless Reader, and she is this year’s Poet Protector of Faville Grove Land Trust. 

Catherine worked as a national park ranger, ecologist, farmer, educator, and mother. She is producer of the podcast Landward. Rooted in farm life, Catherine lives with her family in Wisconsin’s Driftless Area where she holds concern for water and deeply believes in the use of story and art as tools for transforming the world.


July 19  | 8pm

Contempo Physical Dance presents “Lavadeiras,” a full-length work choreographed by Marciano Silva dos Santos inspired by the Afro-Brazilian washerwomen of Brazil who centuries ago washed clothes in the river to free themselves and their families. With original music composition by Divan Gattamorta who utilizes audio by documentarian Edileuza Penha de Souza, this work inspires unity and makes it undeniable that we need music, dance and human connection.

Flourish Summer Camp

July 28 - August 4 | No pizza August 4

Flourish is a playground for the mingling of arts and agriculture. It is an intensive program that encourages individual expression by nurturing the creative process from its seed of origin, an impulse or idea. 

Flourish is a summer camp for youth ages 11-15. For more information about Flourish and the current calendar, call 507-316-3795 or email

Pickup Truck Opera

August 23 | 6:30

Mixed Precipitation celebrates 16 years of outdoor summer fun with a new production adapted from composer Charles Gounod's 1859 opera Faust, with a libretto by Jules Barbier and Michael Carré. 

In the not-so-distant future, scientist and entrepreneur Dr. Johann Faust faces a planet in crisis but no motivation to spare humanity its fate. He yearns to find a life of meaning and love. Méphistophélès, a mysterious extraplanar entity with a devilish charm, appears with a bargain:  Relocate Earth's climate refugees to a lunar colony and win the love of the brilliant physicist Marguerite. Together, Faust and his mysterious companion launch a fanatical quest to save humanity and reach beyond the limits of human potential.  Dr. Faust finds himself torn between the love of his life and the conditions of his bargain.  The music of Depeche Mode is laced into this tale, featuring the work of songwriters Vince Clarke and Martin Gore.

Sensory Sculpture Garden

On Pizza Nights

Rochester artist Lydia Hansen presents the Sensory Sculpture Garden, a collection of immersive fiber art installations which invite the viewer to explore the work through touch.


There is one rule in the Sensory Sculpture Garden which must be followed at all times: Please Touch The Art!  

This highly interactive fiber art series combines modern crochet techniques with the artist's love for immersive art experiences. A blend of fibers, techniques, and textures have been used across the five elements of the sculpture garden with a singular goal: art for our hands. 

The sculpture garden is inspired by our tactile experiences of the world. Kinetic (hands-on) learning is essential to social, emotional and physical development in children. Opportunities to engage this part of ourselves vanish as we age, but tactile processing is vital to adults too - especially for kinetic learners, the visually impaired, and neurodivergent folks. The garden offers a fine art experience suitable for all ages, available at your fingertips.

The sculptures are specifically made for kids, kinetic learners, neurodivergent people (especially those who process and explore through touch), the visually impaired, and adults who want to be more childlike and curious in the way they experience art. It's inspired by the way people handle the artist's work at markets and taps into sensory pathways not commonly used for experiencing art by giving audience members permission and explicit invitation to touch, feel, and interact with anything they find interesting .


Lydia Hansen has been practicing crochet and fiber art in Southeast Minnesota for 14 years. Her work focuses on exploration of texture and color through art that invites audience interaction through touch. She's particularly interested in how 3D qualities of crochet can be used to mimic shapes and patterns found in nature. She frequently takes inspiration from painting, woodworking, and collage to challenge conventional ideas of what crochet can be. See more of her work at

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